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Which way to GO? This question is probably the most frequent question that people like you and me face almost every day. The answer lies in you and me clearly "knowing" where to go. Often, this "knowing" is difficult and hence creates hurdles for us in moving forward with joy and confidence to achieve our goals, just like ALice in wonderland! In short, we need to truly "know" our "GO?AL!"

Your Exciting Success - YES

Your Exciting Success significantly depends on you 'knowing' your goals. One way of you 'knowing' is by being able to See, Set and Score (S x S x S = S3!) your goals. For you to be able to S3, a synergy between your ability (talent/brilliance) and attitude (character/wisdom) is essential. This, in a way is a habit we have to form, acquire and strengthen, until it becomes a way of life, that we can then play the game of life with, every single day. That is YES3!

Value GO?AL!

We conduct interactive training workshops and learning programs for inspiring positive synergy between attitude and talent for human resource development of individuals and teams.


Value GO?AL! for Individuals

These programs can benefit individuals (men and women) across varied age groups, students, youth, home makers, as well as professionals, senior executives, managers, business leaders and owners. We conduct these workshops at flexible timings/venues suitable to you and provide personalized attention.

Value GO?AL! for Teams

These programs can benefit teams or group of resources from within or across organizations.

Outdoor Residential and Customised Programs

These programs can benefit individuals as well as teams. We can also work with you to design and deliver customized value training and consulting assignments addressing business metrics such as value sales, individual & team motivation, employee alignment to corporate values and goals, effective communication skills and need based consulting services to identify, address and overcome pain areas (example - attitude!). We can work on both a fixed cost model or a time and material model, as well as a retainer + rolling fee model.

Value GO?AL! Packaged Training Program Series for working professionals in service/business, home makers, youth and teenagers

Playing YES3 FAST TRACK: A half-day indoor 'Talent + Attitude Synergy' program

Playing YES3 DAY TRACK: A 1-day indoor 'Talent + Attitude Synergy' program

Playing IN YES3+RUBIK3: A 2-day indoor 'Talent + Attitude Synergy' program

Playing OUT YES3+RUBIK3: A 2-day outdoor 'Talent + Attitude Synergy' program

Playing IN YES3+RUBIK3+P3: A 2-day indoor 'Positive Personality Development' program

Playing OUT YES3+RUBIK3+P3: A 2-day outdoor 'Positive Personality Development' program

KING OF DIRECT SALES : A 1-day indoor program for Direct Sales Personnel.

EPL3 : A 1-day 'Effectively Presenting Lucidly" program

REMOD : Multiple four hour modular programs

TEAM : A 2-day outdoor 'Creative Recreational Team Building' program

KID2O : A 2-day outdoor 'Recreational activity program for kids (@ 8-14 years)

KID5O : A 5-day outdoor 'Recreational activity program for kids (@ 8-14 years)